This information will be extremnely helpful for you to find the best way on how to travel around Vietnam by car, taxi, flight and more



Cyclos or Rickshaw 

This is one of most popular type of vehicles for your leisure movement while seeing other peaceful surrounding beauty. Cyclo's design slightly varies according to what part of the country on is in. These are a fixture in all major and minor cities in Vietnam. Cyclos should be booked through your tour company or via your hotey staying. One time you are in Vietnam, should not miss it



"Xe Om"

This term literally means to "hug the motorbike." Xe Om drivers (motorbike taxis) peruse the streets in the cities and in the countryside looking for fares. An excellent and ready means of transportation only for the very brave hearted. How to hail a Xe Om: extend arm and hand directly outward; flutter your wrist as if waving goodbye to someone . . . this will hail the first available Xe Om . . . or perhaps even a mob of them. However, before start your seats on motorbike, bargain should be required



Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City might be considered as 02 cities where have offer the best taxi services: Most of the taxis are new, reliable and economical with careful driver and fast order service. Always take a metered taxi. In Hanoi Taxi Group is the best one, and another  Mai Linh Group is the best one in Saigon. 


Cars and Vans

The lateest model such as Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford, Mercedes Benz cars and vans are available for hire (with driver or without driver). through your tour company or your hotel. Self-driven rental cars are not recommended for the rules of the road are entirely different from Western Countries. You also need a passport, car driven lisence and a big amount of deposited money required as well before getting the car for your own drive and journey. Therefore it is not recommended to hire a car without driver to assure for your safe and convenience



Not recommended for Saigon but for the more calm and quaint streets of Hanoi they are strongly recommended. Bicycle rentals can be made through your tour company or through front desk of your hotel



Motorbikes are available for rent but are strongly not recommended. They are well worthy of watching for their amazing feats

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