Da Lat – Land of love - Impressive Summer Destination in Vietnam.

“City of thousand flowers”, “Land of love”, “Blue town”, “Land of cherry blossom”, etc. These are lovely names that Da Lat is given by visitors when they come to gaze with natural beauty and experience local people’s life. Da Lat is an inspiration of famous artists, composers and writers of Vietnam. Impressive Travel Vietnam is pleased to recommend you a charming Da Lat – Land of Love.



Visitors who always express their regard for Da Lat’s romantic charms could possess a chance to immerse themselves into fresh and pleasant zone while taking part in the city’s famous sites.


Da Lat not only attracts usual travelers by exploring cultural and historical heritages and hotspots of the city, but also makes backpackers fall in love with lots of interesting adventures to the falls of Datanla and Dam Bri in Bao Loc district, mounting the Lang Biang and discovering Cu Lan village in Lac Duong district. 




Valleé D’amour: It is considered as the most romantic and fantastic land of Dalat city, about 6 km far away from the city to the northeast. Visitors can follow small routes up to the Vong Canh hill and witness the stunning overview of the valley.

Lang Biang mount: after 2 hours of driving from the town to the mountain bottom, from here you have 2 options: climbing to the peak or getting on a jeep. It takes you one and a half hour (7-8km) to reach the peak on foot following the asphalted road. Booming along the road is hundred types of wild flowers and huge pines. At the top of Lang Biang, It is an enormous breathtaking sights that you have never seen before. Besides, tourists can enjoy delicious barbeque dishes at a local restaurant here.



Cu Lan village: this is a very new highlight of Da Lat that has just been discovered recently – a gorgeous tiny village lying inside an enormous reserved primitive forest at the bottom of Lang Biang mount, 9km far away from Golden valley resort on the way to Gold and Silver streams.







Mysterious love stories:  what makes Da Lat the most wanted land for couples and honeymooners? There is a saying that: “Behind every mount or lake in Da Lat, there is always a beautiful love story.” People who visit Lang Biang mount or Than Tho Lake always ask the guides or local people to tell them beautiful love stories of a local couple happened years ago.





Dalat – haven of fresh tropical fruits.


Thanks to the tropical and temperate zone, farmers in Dalat can grow variety of vegetables and fruits that only present in either Southern or Northern area of Vietnam. In early morning markets, people can find the best strawberries, artichokes, cabbages, etc. which have just been harvested from the vines. Tourists are able to join land tours to local fruit gardens and experience the feeling when you gather every beautiful fresh strawberries and enjoy sweet fruits on your own. That is really great!


Tourists can choose home-stay services as an ideal accommodation to experience local people life or stay in a French-style lovely hotel in the center of city and take time for a peaceful wander around the town.




Numerous impressive destinations in Da Lat such as: Prenn waterfall, Elephant waterfall, D’ran Town, Truc Lam buddha temple, Chicken church, Bao Dai King’s Palace, Pedagogical University Da Lat, etc.







From June to August this year, a wide range of cultural events, including a traditional musical accessory festival, a Vietnamese film week, an exhibition on Central Highland culture and  a traditional food festival will be open at the center of the city, with a hope of luring more visitors.


As a result, there is a rising number of vacation-makers wishing to visit Da Lat city for summer holiday this year in the Central Highland of Lam Dong province.





  • From Hanoi


Travelers who start a trip from Northern provinces can take a straight flight from Hanoi airport to Da Lat for just 1.5 hours. After Da Lat, they can continue their trip easily to Ho Chi Minh City.


  • From Nha Trang airport:


Easy drive for 2 hours by A/C car from Nha Trang is the perfect choice for:


- Ones who have flight landing on Nha Trang airport. After a tour of famous 4 Islands in Nha Trang, they can easily take an A/C shuttle bus to Da Lat.


- Tourists who are doing a package tour from north to the south and vice versa. Then from Dalat, take a flight or a car to Ho Chi Minh City for discovering Mekong Delta.



  • From Ho Chi Minh city:


Flight or bus/ private car to Da Lat then continue trip to Nha Trang- Hoi an – Da Nang- Hue – Phong Nha cave – Hanoi.


Anyone looking for a trip to Da Lat or another beautiful palaces in Vietnam can easily contact professional tour operators for a well laid out itinerary and package tour. Following is a famous travel agency in Hanoi – Vietnam.